Women's Summer Hats

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Women's Summer Hats


In the summer, the hat is a necessary and statement accessory, as it protects us from the sun, now that the temperature is starting to rise. In addition, a sun hat is a must have, since it gives style, elegance and upgrades even the simplest looks! It is an accessory that is able to take off a woman's look!

This summer, women's summer hats are the star. They were worn by many celebrities but also on the catwalks of major fashion houses in various variations: straw wide brimmed hats, Panama hats, Raffia straw hats, cloth hats, bucket hats and many other designs.

Straw hats

Straw hats are timeless and are a trend this summer as well. They can be worn for all occasions. You can wear them not only on the beach, but also on your daily walk. They come in many variations such as straw cloche - bucket hats that are ideal for the city, but also wide-brimmed for highly impressive appearances on the beach!

Straw hats with black ribbon as well as panama hats are also a classic and chic choice for summer. They give elegance, suit every woman and every occasion. For more fashionable and cool looks, colored straw hats are ideal.

Straw hats have been and will be in fashion and will make you stand out on your summer vacation!

Fabric Hats

Another alternative for summer is fabric hats. In particular, cotton hats are quite light, cool and comfortable. In addition, linen hats are perfect for the summer as they are light and very stylish and come in many designs such as linen cloche - bucket hats and linen sun hats. Fabric hats are a great option for sun protection in the city.

Jockey hats

Jockey hats are a favorite of both women and men. This hat is very comfortable and practical for your everyday looks. A variation of this hat that has been trending in recent years is the visor hat.

What to look for in a summer hat

It is good that the hat we choose offers the necessary sun protection with an ultraviolet protection factor of 50 and above (UPF 50+). Another factor to pay attention to is the brim of the hat. The wider the hat, the more protection it offers. In addition, in the summer we should choose hats that are light and cool, such as cotton hats, linen hats or natural straw hats.

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