You have the right to return the product you have purchased and request a replacement if, through proven fault of cappellieborse, you have been sold an incorrect product, defective or of poor quality (error in receipt of order, invoicing, in shipment, damaged in transit - borne by the buyer - with bad packaging, etc.). You have the choice, either not to accept the receipt of the product in the first place, or, after it has been received, to return it within 14 calendar days from the day of delivery. Beyond this time limit, cappellieborse may not accept any return or replacement. This time limit cannot be extended.

In addition, the product to be replaced must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase. A necessary condition to accept the return of the respective product is that it is in the condition it was received (complete and undamaged), in the packaging that normally accompanies the product (not tampered with).

* Your charge amount is 2.50 euros for simple shipping and 2.50 euros to send the package back to you. (Not applicable when the return is due to cappellieborse).

Before any action, it is recommended to consult with the cappellieborse Online Store.