Karfil Hats

Wed 10 Aug 2022
Karfil Hats

Karfil Hats is one of the largest hat wholesale companies in Greece and sells hats to many well-known and large stores inside and outside Greece. The Karfil Hats company originally started in Patras, when Panos Karahalios opened the first store in 1945. Then in 1965 it was transferred to Monastiraki in Athens. The company is developing with the collaboration of P. Karahalios and his son Christos. The company has been operating for over 70 years and still continues to be dominant in the field of hats.

Karfil hats are characterized by their excellent quality and aesthetics. The company has a wide range of summer and winter hats for men, women and children. The wide variety of fedoras, trilby hats, panama hats, straw hats, berets and jockey hats will satisfy every taste.

Are you a hat lover and want to stand out with your style? With Karfil hats you will definitely steal the show! Every year the company renews itself with new designs and offers the latest fashion trends in hats. The company has a variety of hats, with very good quality and good prices.

Some of the hats manufactured by the Karfil Hats company are:

Wide- brimed Hats

The most impressive and stylish hats are undoubtedly the wide-brimmed hats. They provide great protection from the sun's rays, so they're perfect to wear on the beach.

Straw hats

Straw hats are one of the most popular summer hats that will make you stand out and at the same time protect you from the sun. In the Karfil Hats collection you will find hats made of paper straw, hats made of Raffia straw, a straw from Madagascar with very good quality and durability, hats made of seagrass, Japanese straw, etc.

Fabric Hats

Cloth hats are quite practical hats as they can be washed and have the ability to be folded. In the Karfil Hats collection, you will find a wide variety of fabric hats: cotton hats, linen hats, woolen hats for winter, etc.

Jockey Hats

Jockey hats are among the most popular hats as they are worn in casual everyday looks. They protect from the sun and can be worn both in the city and on the beach. They are also combined with sports and sportswear.

Flat Caps

Flat caps are one of the most fashionable men's hats that instantly upgrade any look. The Karfil company has a large collection of men's flat caps, both for winter and summer.

Fedora Hats

Fedora hats also known as republic hats have a large brim and protect from the sun. In the Karfil collection, you will find a wide variety of both summer felt fedora hats and winter woolen fedora hats.

Trilby Hats

The trilby hat is a variation of the fedora hat. Trilby hats have a smaller brim than fedora hats. They can be worn either in the city or on the beach.

Panama Hats

The most famous and elegant hats of the summer are the handmade Panama hats made of excellent quality straw from Ecuador. Panama hats are very stylish hats and can be worn in both casual and formal occasions. Karfil Hats has Panama hats in many variations and colors for both men and women.

Abigail Hats 

These hats are the so-called Ascot hats or Banquet hats. The specific hats are very special hats, handmade and excellent quality hats that will make you impress.

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