How a hat will protect you from the sun's UV rays

Fri 24 Jun 2022
How a hat will protect you from the sun

We all look for the right protection when it comes to the sun. Our skin is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun all year round. In addition, the incidence of skin cancer has increased in recent years. Thus, especially in summer, the sun hats become an essential accessory, as they can protect against the sun's harmful UV rays, skin cancer and premature photoaging. Besides, the hat is the most effective and easiest solution against the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Specifically, a summer hat with a cornice 5-7 cm is the ideal solution for maximum protection in the city, while a hat with a cornice 10-12 cm will offer you protection from the sun on the beach. The degree of protection of straw hats depends on their density. A hat with a dense weave and a large brim (wide hat) is the most ideal choice so that the sun does not penetrate the hat. This size will ensure that the entire face and neck will be protected.

For maximum protection, look for a sun hat that has a UV protection factor (UPF) on the label. This way you will be sure of your choice. Most of our hats have a sun protection index of 50 and above (UPF 50+), ie only 1/50 of the UV rays will penetrate the material of the hat.

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Below we show you some suggestions to enjoy summer in style! Renew your summer look with the most impressive and fashionable hats!

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